Diplomacy (Cha)

Use this skill to persuade the chamberlain to let you see the king, to negotiate peace between feuding barbarian tribes, or to convince the ogre mages that have captured you that they should ransom you back to your friends instead of twisting your limbs off one by one. Diplomacy includes etiquette, social grace, tact, subtlety, and a way with words. A skilled character knows the formal and informal rules of conduct, social expectations, proper forms of address, and so on. This skill represents the ability to give others the right impression of oneself, to negotiate effectively, and to influence others.


You make a case to convince an NPC of something. See the scenario DCs table for basic DCs. In negotiations, participants roll opposed Diplomacy checks, and the winner gains the advantage. Opposed checks also resolve situations when two advocates or diplomats plead opposite cases in a hearing before a third party. Depending on the argument made and the circumstances, the DM can give arbitrarily large bonuses or penalties on your roll.

Scenario DCs
Scenario A case an untalented, untrained person can convince of someone on a good day A case a very talented or trained person can convince of someone on a good day A case an expertly trained person can convince of someone on a good day A case an expertly trained person with magical assistance can convince of someone on a good day
DC 20 25 30 35


Changing others' attitudes with Diplomacy generally takes at least 1 full minute (10 consecutive full-round actions). In some situations, this time requirement may greatly increase. A rushed Diplomacy check (such as an attempt to head off a fight between two angry warriors) can be made as a full-round action, but you take a -10 penalty on the check.

Try Again?

Optional, but not recommended because retries usually do not work. Even if the initial Diplomacy check succeeds, the other character can be persuaded only so far, and a retry may do more harm than good. If the initial check fails, the other character has probably become more firmly committed to his position, and a retry is futile.


A half-elf has a +2 racial bonus on Diplomacy checks, thanks to her ability to relate well to others.


If you have 5 or more ranks in Deception, Knowledge (local), Knowledge (nobility and royalty), or Sense Motive, you get a +2 bonus on Diplomacy checks.

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