Acrobatics (Dex, Armor Check Penalty)


Acrobatics DCs

Narrow Surface Acrobatics DC1 Difficult Surface Acrobatics DC1
  1. Add modifiers from Narrow Surface Modifiers, below, as appropriate.
  2. Only if running or charging. Failure by 4 or less means the character can’t run or charge, but may otherwise act normally.
7-12 inches wide 10 Uneven flagstone 102
2-6 inches wide 15 Hewn stone floor 102
Less than 2 inches wide 20 Sloped or angled floor 102
Narrow Surface Modifiers
Surface DC Modifier1
  1. Add the appropriate modifier to the Acrobatics DC of a narrow surface.

    These modifiers stack.

Lightly obstructed +2
Severely obstructed +5
Lightly slippery +2
Severely slippery +5
Sloped or angled +2


You can walk on a precarious surface. A successful check lets you move at half your speed along the surface for 1 round. A failure by 4 or less means you can’t move for 1 round. A failure by 5 or more means you fall. The difficulty varies with the surface, as follows:

Being Attacked while Balancing

You are considered flat-footed while balancing, since you can’t move to avoid a blow, and thus you lose your Dexterity bonus to AC (if any). If you have 5 or more ranks in Acrobatics, you aren’t considered flat-footed while balancing. If you take damage while balancing, you must make another Acrobatics check against the same DC to remain standing.

Accelerated Movement

You can try to walk across a precarious surface more quickly than normal. If you accept a -5 penalty, you can move your full speed as a move action. (Moving twice your speed in a round requires two Acrobatics checks, one for each move action used.) You may also accept this penalty in order to charge across a precarious surface; charging requires one Acrobatics check for each multiple of your speed (or fraction thereof) that you charge.


None. An Acrobatics check doesn’t require an action; it is made as part of another action or as a reaction to a situation.





You can land softly when you fall or tumble past opponents. You can also tumble to entertain an audience (as though using the Perform skill). The DCs for various tasks involving the Acrobatics skill are given on the table below.

Acrobatics DC Task
15 Treat a fall as if it were 10 feet shorter than it really is when determining damage. For every 10 you beat the DC by, you reduce the fall damage by 10 more feet.
15 Acrobatics at one-half speed as part of normal movement, provoking no attacks of opportunity while doing so. Failure means you provoke attacks of opportunity normally.
25 Acrobatics at one-half speed through an area occupied by an enemy (over, under, or around the opponent) as part of normal movement, provoking no attacks of opportunity while doing so. Failure means you stop before entering the enemy-occupied area and provoke an attack of opportunity from that enemy.
35 Get up from prone position as a free action that doesn't provoke attacks of opportunity. Failure means you stand up as a move action and provoke attacks of opportunity as normal.

Obstructed or otherwise treacherous surfaces, such as natural cavern floors or undergrowth, are tough to tumble through. The DC for any Acrobatics check made to tumble into such a square is modified as indicated below.

Surface Is… DC Modifier
  1. Tumbling is impossible in a deep bog.
Lightly obstructed (scree, light rubble, shallow bog1, undergrowth) +2
Severely obstructed (natural cavern floor, dense rubble, dense undergrowth) +5
Lightly slippery (wet floor) +2
Severely slippery (ice sheet) +5
Sloped or angled +2
Accelerated Tumbling

You try to tumble past or through enemies more quickly than normal. By accepting a -10 penalty on your Acrobatics checks, you can move at your full speed instead of one-half your speed.


Not applicable. Tumbling is part of movement, so an Acrobatics check is part of a move action.

Try Again

Usually no. An audience, once it has judged a tumbler as an uninteresting performer, is not receptive to repeat performances.

You can try to reduce damage from a fall only once per fall.


If you have 5 or more ranks in Acrobatics, you gain a +1 additional dodge bonus to AC when fighting defensively instead of the usual +2 dodge bonus to AC.

If you have 5 or more ranks in Acrobatics, you gain a +2 additional dodge bonus to AC when executing the total defense standard action instead of the usual +4 dodge bonus to AC.


  • If you have 5 or more ranks in Athletics, you get a +2 bonus on Acrobatics checks.

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