Player's Handbook

These are the set of rules that govern the combat in Celerity Lite.

combat options

Actions, or what makes the combat tick

actions in a round
The Knight has 3 actions in her turn. She spends her first action to move forward 2 squares, second action to open the door, and third action to attack the Giant Spider!

Cover & Ranged Weapons

When a creature is adjacent to a terrain feature that can be used as cover, then against all ranged attacks that originate on the other side of the cover, the creature only receives 50% of the damage.

Diagonal movement

Diagonal movement
The first diagonal movement counts as 1 square, and the next diagonal movement counts as 2 squares. Then it repeats.

Reach Weapons

Reach Weapons
A creature wielding a reach weapon is able to attack 2 squares away, but not adjacent squares. A creature wielding a non-reach weapon is able to attack adjacent squares.


Large Creatures & Reach

Large Creatures
A Large creature takes up 2 by 2 squares. Tall Large creatures, such as a troll, are able to attack up to 2 squares away, while wide Large creatures, such as a giant spider, are able to attack adjacent squares only.


Large creatures attacking
When a Large creature attacks, it attacks every creature in a 2 by 2 squares area. Only squares inside its reach will be attacked. The attack area may overlap the squares the Large creature is in without any detriment to the attacker.


The Monk is able to enter stealth by moving half-speed into the bush square, which provides him with foliage. From there, the Monk is able to use his two remaining actions to move at half-speed through the shrubbery undetected.


Switching weapons

Switching a weapon with another weapon in your Item Slot takes an action. Switching a weapon with another weapon in your Inventory takes 3 actions. You can switch both held items at the same time.

(For example, if Elengar is holding a longsword and a shield, he can switch to his greatsword and put his sword & shield away all with a single action)


Characters are able to evade in response to an enemy action, and not suffer the negative consequences at the cost of their future actions.

In order to evade, your Agi must be at least 1 if you are wearing Light armor, at least 2 if you are wearing Medium armor, and at least 4 if you are wearing Heavy armor.

After rolling, the creature loses three actions in its following turn as it regains composure.

If your Agi is at least 1 while wearing no armor, at least 2 while wearing Light armor, at least 4 while wearing Medium armor, or at least 8 while wearing Heavy armor, you only lose two actions after evading.

You cannot evade two turns in a row.


Morale Boost

A creature with Cha boosts allies' will to fight, regenerating its own, and its allies' hit points at a rate equal to his/her Cha. If there are multiple creatures with Cha, then use the highest Cha.


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