Your character's Expertise (abbreviated Exp) represents her training, drills, and education received throughout her life to pick locks, juggle, identify, forge, investigate, track, or whatever else method of applying learned skills to solve her problems. 


Action check

Whenever a character attempts to do something, but the outcome is in doubt, an action check is used. There are four different types of action checks:

  • Strength
    • Roll d6s equal to your Str score
  • Agility
    • Roll d6s equal to your Agi score
  • Charisma
    • Roll d6s equal to your Cha score
  • Information & Miscellaneous
    • Roll 6d6

Each 6 on a roll represents a success for a character. Generally, one 6 is enough for a successful outcome, although for difficult actions, the GM may require two or more 6's for a successful outcome.


Having the right item

There are items that help with your action checks . For example, if your character has an instructions manual for identifying medicinal herbs from poisonous flowers in his hands, then he may receive additional dice to improve his Information action checks.

Complex action checks

Certain actions may require multiple successes over multiple rounds to succeed.

For example, the party is fleeing from hungry ghouls when they discover that the entryway is caved in with debris, and the GM may require a total of 10 Str action successes for the players to clear the path.


Opposed action checks

Certain actions involve two parties competing with each other, where one's success is the other's failure. In this situation, both parties roll, and the one with more successes wins the opposed action check. Which party wins in event of a tie will be specified beforehand.




Entering Stealth

What does it mean when your character enters stealth? It means that his enemies can no longer use sight to locate his precise whereabouts! This neat trick means that the enemy must blindly guess the square you are in hopes of hitting you, or fumble around in hopes of running into you. (Or just lay down Area Of Effect abilities!)

Characters untrained in Stealth expertise are unable to enter stealth in midst of combat. Even if a character has the Stealth expertise, he will need to meet few conditions to enter stealth. 

  • He cannot be wearing armor, and cannot be carrying One-handed or Heavy weapons.
  • He cannot be adjacent to an enemy creature.
  • He cannot hold a source of light.

So how do you fight stealth? One way would be use wide AOE abilities to cover the stealthed creature's likely location. Stealthed creatures can only move at half their usual speed, so starting close to where they were seen last isn't a terrible idea. If the creature in stealth takes damage, it exits stealth.

You can also move around and scour the area for the hidden creature. If you are ever adjacent to a creature in stealth, stealth ends for that creature. 

Finally, you can also wait for the creature to break stealth voluntarily. This happens if the creature makes an attack, casts a spell, and do something to draw attention to itself, like opening a door or making a loud noise.


List of Expertises

An expertise represents a special training or experience the character has. Each expertise has a special combat perk that may be used during an encounter.



You are able to slide, dodge, weave, backflip, and parkour your way through most obstacles.

Combat perk: You know how to weave and bypass around enemies in combat. You may move through enemy squares as if they were allied creatures.


Armor Training

You have trained to maneuver and fight in full body armor. You have a general awareness of how armor augments a body and how to position to glance incoming blows.

Combat perk: You are able to wear Heavy armor in combat.



You are a powerhouse, able to smash, shove, climb, and lift the obstacles in the way.

Combat perk: You may Push 1 allies and enemies by moving into the square they are occupying. You may not push creatures that are larger than you.


Crossbow Training

You understand the principles of a crossbow, and have a grasp of basic management of its components and ammunition, as well as its operation.

Combat perk: You may use crossbows in combat.



You have studied the otherworldly creatures that have arrived here through the Nightmare portals. 

Combat perk: You know where the weak points of most demons are. You receive +3d6 weapon damage against demons.

You may also attempt an Information action check to learn special information about demons.


Firearm Training

You understand the principles of a firearm, and have a grasp of basic management of its components and ammunition, as well as its operation.

Combat perk: You may use firearms in combat.


Nature Handling

You know how to work with, tame, calm down, teach, and manage wildlife. 

Combat perk: You know where the weak points of wildlife creatures are. You receive +3d6 weapon damage against animals, plants, and other wildlife creatures. (Excluding intelligent creatures)

You may also attempt an Information action check to learn special information about animals, plant, and other wildlife creatures.



You can tell when a scammer in the market trying to pull you a fast one, or have a sixth sense telling you when to duck.

Combat perk: Once per combat, you know ahead of time the result of a future dice roll.

For example, you might be trying to decide whether to attack a battered enemy one last time, hoping to take it down, or to retreat behind a door and lock yourself in. You can use the Insight expertise to roll your weapon damage as if you attacked, and see if you would have defeated the enemy. If the roll is favorable, you may go ahead and attack for the rolled damage, but if the roll if unfavorable, you may decide to retreat behind a door instead!


You have good attention to details, able to locate hidden traps and doors, as well as estimating how much armor or health an enemy might have.

Combat perk: You know the amount of hit points and armor value a visible enemy has.



You know useful information from books, articles, journals, and reports. This expertise can provide you with any specific information the GM has provided regarding the campaign.

Combat perk: You may attempt an Information action check to learn special information about creatures.



You know how to diagnose, identify injuries and manner of death, and apply first-aid for intelligent humanoids.

Combat perk: You know where the weak points of intelligent humanoids are. You receive +3d6 weapon damage against intelligent humanoids.

You may also attempt an Information action check to learn special information about intelligent humanoids.



You keep up to date on the news in the locality, aware of who's in charge and who can provide services, and know the local customs and where the good hospices are.

Combat perk: You are able to identify special abilities or qualities of the enemy NPCs in combat.



You have trained your eyes and ears to locate camouflaged objects and creatures.

Combat perk: You are able to detect stealthed creatures that are 2 squares away from you.



You have studied the art of magic, and you have memorized various diagrams, gestures, and equations used in spell formulas. You are able to deduce a spell's effect, based on the incantations and spell circles used.

Combat perk: You can identify spells.



You have mastered the art of disappearing out of sight, using whatever tools and means you have available.

Combat perk: You may go into stealth in combat.



You know how to forage, hunt for food, identify weather patterns, track trails, and avoid natural hazards.

Combat perk: Once per combat, when you are about to take lethal damage, you instead survive with 1 hp. You lose 1 action in your next turn.


Talented - Strength

You know how to use your strength to foil enemy plans in combat.

Combat perk: You may treat yourself as a Large creature when targeted by Anchor X, Push X, Pull X, or Move X effects.


Talented - Agility 

You are hard to nail down.

Combat perk: You suffer only half damage from any damage source with an AOE of Circle X, Square X, Line X, or Cone X.


Talented - Charisma

You are able to call on your inner reserves for a single, heroic push towards the goal.

Combat perk: Once per combat, you gain a bonus action.

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