Vitality: 14

Spells Known: 0

Expertise: 4

special ability: reckless swing

  • Berserker may use Heavy weapons with a single action.
  • Berserkers take double damage from weapons.



Vitality: 12

Spells Known: 0

Expertise: 2

special ability: armor leverage

  • A knight reduces by one the total movement penalty from armor and shields.
  • A knight receives Armor Expertise for free.
  • A knight adds her half of her armor value into her melee weapon damage.



Vitality: 11

Spells Known: 0

Expertise: 3

special ability: Preparation

  • A soldier may switch his weapons without spending an action once per turn.
  • A soldier takes 1 action less to reload weapons, down to zero actions.



Vitality: 10

Spells Known: 1

Expertise: 3

special ability: Mobility

  • If a monk is not wearing any armor, then he gains 1 bonus move action each turn.
  • If a monk is not using any weapons (checked at the beginning of the round), then he gains a 1 bonus attack action during his turn.



Vitality: 9

Spells Known: 0

Expertise: 5

special ability: Stalking Prey

  • If a hunter did not deal any damage in the previous turn, then she deals double damage with weapons this turn.
  • A hunter may move full speed through rough terrain.



Vitality: 8

Spells Known: 1

Expertise: 3

special ability: Resourceful

  • A merchant may purchase items for half price in towns.
  • A merchant may purchase items for full price away from towns, but not during combat.




Vitality: 7

Spells Known: 2

Expertise: 3

special ability: Inspiration

  • A dancer/songstress is able to grant a bonus action for an ally within 6 squares each turn. She cannot pick herself with this ability, and multiple dancers cannot pick a same target to give a bonus action to.



Vitality: 6

Spells Known: 3

Expertise: 3

special ability: Relic

  • A priest keep a designated item known as a relic in their inventory. It provides benefits as long as it's in the inventory.
    • Relic provides 10 bonus hit points.
    • Your spells do not take additional actions to cast even if you are wearing armor.



Vitality: 5

Spells Known: 0

Expertise: 7

special ability: Sleight of hand

  • A thief may enter stealth while moving full speed.
  • A thief deals double damage with Light weapons if attacking from stealth.
  • A thief also receives 2 bonus hit point for every point in Agi.



Vitality: 4

Spells Known: 0*

Expertise: 8

special ability: Stratagem

  • A scholar may spend Expertise points to learn a new spell.
  • A scholar adds Mana to her hit points in the following way:
(Str + Agi + Cha + Mana) x Vitality + Agi

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