Character Creation

In Celerity Lite game system, your character is represented by race, class, affinity, and attribute scores. He/she will also have equipment, and certain special combat skills. Finally, he/she may know a number of magic spells.

How to create your player character

  1. Choose your race.
  2. Choose your class.
  3. Choose your affinity.
  4. Calculate your attribute scores.
  5. Choose your expertise.
  6. Choose equipment.
  7. Choose spells & weapon arts.



There exists a number of intelligent races in Celerity Lite, but right now, we only have humans as playable race.

  • Human
    • 3 actions per turn
    • 4 squares movement



Also known as job, your class is one of the most defining characteristics of your character. There exists ten different classes in Celerity Lite, each with its own Vitality score, Expertise points, and a special ability suited for a different playstyle.

  • Berserker
  • Knight
  • Soldier
  • Monk
  • Hunter
  • Priest
  • Dancer/Songstress
  • Merchant
  • Thief
  • Scholar



Every intelligent creature has an affinity, which controls the type of magic the creature naturally gravitate towards.

  • Light
  • Shadow
  • Fire
  • Ice
  • Earth
  • Wind
  • Flora
  • Death



You have 17 character points to spend on your attributes. Each point spent increases the respective attribute by 1. Beyond 10, each attribute point costs 2 character points to raise.

You can also unlock a special ability by having a high score in an attribute, also known as a merit.


High Str is important for melee damage.Your character's Strength score (abbreviated as Str) represents his ability to climb, jump, lift, smash open, crush, hammer, or whatever else method of applying muscles to solve his problems.

Merit: If you have 9+ Str, then you may treat yourself as a Large creature when targeted by Push X, Pull X, or Move X effects.


Your character's Agility score (abbreviated as Agi) represents her ability to duck, dive, evade, aim or throw accurately, roll, block, or whatever else method of applying accuracy and reflexes to solve her problems.

Merit: If you have 9+ Agi, then you suffer only half damage from spell effects.


Your character's Charisma score (abbreviated as Cha) represents his ability to galvanize, encourage, inspire, energize, invigorate, sweet-talk, negotiate, and whatever else method of applying confidence and personality to solve his problems.

Merit: If you have 9+ Cha, then you gain a bonus action each turn, but you may not receive bonus actions from a Dancer.


Your character's Mana score (bolded to Mana) represents inner aptitude for wielding supernatural power.

Merit: If you have 9+ Mana, then you may detect strong magical presence within 6 squares, such as demons, artifacts, and other intelligent creatures with 9+ Mana.


Your character's Expertise (abbreviated Exp) represents her training, drills, and education received throughout her life to pick locks, juggle, identify, forge, investigate, track, or whatever else method of applying learned skills to solve her problems. 

Each class receives a set of Expertise points to spend. You can also spend Expertise points to improve Tech. You can also spend 2 character points to purchase Expertise points.

A list of example Expertise are listed below:

  • Acrobatics
  • Alchemy
  • Athletics
  • Demonology
  • Handle Animal
  • Insight
  • Investigation
  • Knowledge
  • Medicine
  • Networking
  • Perception
  • Spellcraft
  • Stealth
  • Survival

High Exp is important in applying a training in a specific trade for the situation.


Your character's Technique/Technology score (abbreviated to Tech) represents next-level training, knowledge, or advanced technology concepts your character is able to bring to the fore. 

High Tech is important if you want to use advanced weaponry or unlock bizzare alchemy items.



Your character's equipment represent the list of possibly helpful items your character is bringing on her adventure.

Keep in mind that while there is no limit to how many items your character may pack in her bag, as long as she can afford it!

Lastly, your armor does not take up an item slot even when it's equipped!



Your character's attribute scores are used to determine how effectively he or she is able to interact in different ways with the game world. 


Your character's Str is important in melee combat, but it may also be used in Str challenges, such as shoving open a jammed door, climbing up a chimney, or tackling down a runaway cart!

Strength determines your character's melee damage, and thrown ranged damage.


Your character's Agi is important in ranged combat as well as helping your parries, but it may also be used in Agi challenges, such as leaping out of the way of a booby trap, balancing on a tightrope across a chasm, or catching falling vials off an unstable potion rack!

Agility determines your character's ability to evade, and ranged damage.


Your character's Cha is important in influencing NPCs, and boosting your allies' morale.

Charisma determines your character's morale boost.



Your character's Mana is important for the inner strength that fuels wondrous spells and their effectiveness.





Derived Statistics

Hit points

Your character's Hit Points (abbreviated as HP) is calculated as follows:

(Str + Agi + Cha) x Vitality + Agi


Melee Damage

Your character's Melee Damage is calculated:

Weapon Damage + Str x2 + Agi

Ranged Damage

Your character's Thrown Ranged Damage is calculated: 

Weapon Damage + Str + Agi

Your character's Bow Ranged Damage is calculated: 

Weapon Damage + Str + Agi

Your character's Projectile Ranged Damage is calculated: 

Weapon Damage + Agi


Magic Damage

Your character's Magic Damage is unique for every spell. Refer to the spell description.

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