Robin town

Something malicious approaches the hinterland town of Robin...

The country of Ashtein has been conquered by vampires. Five ancient houses of vampires have allied, and led a siege to the major cities. Eventually, all of the high leveled heroes of the region has been killed or fled, and the last stronghold of the humans has raised a white flag. The vampires have decided to keep the remaining humans as livestock, and maintain the governing infrastructure intact under the careful watch of their houses. 

Unlike the lords of the other vampire houses, Lord Valerian of the House Allias demurred from establishing a harsh blood taxation system, and gave his human subjects substantial amount of freedom. The word spread, and the humans flocked to the land controlled by House Allias in hopes of better living conditions. Rochdale, the largest city controlled by House Allias, swelled in size, while other houses saw their human livestock count diminish greatly. They grew hateful of Valerian, and eventually, Lord Valerian was assassinated, and his house ousted, stripped of their status. The land once controlled by House Allias became a no-man's land, a free-for-all. 

The town of Robin, named after the abundant birds of the same name found in the neighboring forest, has always been a quiet place. It is populated mostly by woodcutters, who chop wood and collect bark for their town's paper mill. The war with the vampires did not disturb the town's tranquility, and Lord Valerian likewise left the tiny town alone. However, the chaos and turmoil are spreading in the wake of Valerian's passing. Will this town be able to escape the struggle of the various factions wrestling for control?

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