Sleum, the mountain mines

windswept plains

The 200 miles per hour winds gnaw everything away on the Windswept Plains...

We travel east to the Windswept Plains, where the frightfully high speed winds that savagely rip apart everything save the hardiest vegetation. A large group of slaves revolted and trekked their way through the plains with the help of an eccentric but powerful weather wizard, Sammy Mistrain. When they reached a yet to be inhabited coastal area, they formed their own country and named it after the friendly wizard. There was much diplomatic friction between Mistrain and their former country of Vostry, but a talented orator from Mistrain (a proud leader of a plains tribe which was wiped out by Vostry’s army long ago) managed to convince the entirety of the Vostry’s High Council that while Vostry would certainly be able to wipe out the new country, it would little to gain by doing so, and therefore they should simply leave them be. Mistrain was formally recognized by Vostry soon after.

In three generations, Mistrain expanded rapidly. New towns sprang up left and right. One of them was the town of Sleum, which is currently undergoing a population boom due to a silver mine that was recently discovered. It is known as an adventurer’s haven, due to wealth of jobs and successful get-rich-quick schemes there. The town is located somewhat interior from the coastal areas, and a sizable amount of forestation surrounds the town. Because this side of the Plains was not settled by civilized folks, (though intelligent monsters did exist here), there is generally very little worry about large scale goblin raids or orc tribe attacks. Adventurers were hired to deal with the lone monsters encountered below ground.

You are a group of adventurers heading to the town of Sleum for one reason or another. Perhaps you are looking to become rich quickly, or you are a criminal seeking to blend in with the shabby fortune seekers. Perhaps you fled from your overbearing family and life of strict rules and discipline. Reasons do not matter, for everyone is welcome at Sleum. Ready to turn a new leaf in your life, you follow the forest road to a small clearing, where you see a trade caravan has stopped. Four of the five carts are overturned, with damages to the wheels. There are about two dozen man-at-arms, some wearily standing guard at the perimeter, while others are tending to the wounded. It is evident that a recent battle has taken place. One of the guards nearby grimmly paces over to you, and with a grunt, points at you with his halberd, and asks, "Be you friend or foe? Speak!"

How do you respond?

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