Chinook Hideout, a sanctuary from the winds


chinook hideout

Traders and merchants gather at the bazaar located at the edge of the Windswept Plains.

Ever since the country of Mistrain stabilized its relations with Vostry, merchants feverishly sought safe routes through the Windswept Plains, hoping to be the first to establish trade between the two countries. Once brutal and lifeless land was explored and mapped, and merchants found nooks and crannies where the winds did not reach. Eventually, goods flowed from the two countries.

When a large pocket of windless land was found near Mistrain's edge, a resupply camp was constructed there. Many more merchants began to use the camp, and soon, a full-blown bazaar sprung up. It was dubbed the Chinook Hideout, a haven miraculously located deep in the Windswept Plains. 

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