Name Action Type Attack of Opportunity
Attack (Melee) Standard No
Attack (Unarmed) Standard Yes
Attack (Ranged) Standard Yes
Draw a Hidden Weapon Standard No
Aid Another Standard Maybe1
Bull Rush Standard Yes
Escape a Grapple Standard No
Feint Standard No
Ready Standard No
Sunder Standard Maybe2
Total Defense Standard No
Move Move Yes
Control a Frightened Mount Move Yes
Draw a Weapon Move No
Load a Crossbow (Light/Hand) Move Yes
Mount/Dismount Move No
Shethe a Weapon Move Yes
Ready/Loose a Shield Move No
Full Attack Full No
Charge3 Full No
Load a Crossbow (Heavy/Repeating) Full Yes
Prepare to Throw Splash Weapon Full Yes
Name Action Type Attack of Opportunity
Cast a Spell (std. action) Standard Yes
Concentrate to Maintain an Active Spell Standard No
Dismiss a Spell Standard No
Lower Spell Resistance Standard No
Direct/Redirect an Active Spell Move No
Use Touch Spell on Up to 6 Friends Full Yes
Using an Item
Name Action Type Attack of Opportunity
Activate Magic Items (No potions) Standard No
Drink a Potion Standard Yes
Light a Torch with a Tindertwig Standard Yes
Read a Scroll Standard Yes
Pick Up an Item Move Yes
Retrieve a Stored Item Move Yes
Light a Torch Full Yes
Lock/Unlock Weapon in Locked Gauntlet Full Yes
Special Actions
Name Action Type Attack of Opportunity
Stabilize a Dying Friend Standard Yes
Overrun Standard No
Turn or Rebuke Undead Standard No
Use Extraordinary Ability Standard No
Use skill that takes 1 action Standard Usually
Use Spell-like Ability Standard Yes
Use Supernatural Ability Standard No
Open/Close Door Move No
Move Heavy Object Move Yes
Stand Up from Prone Move Yes
Deliver Coup de Grace Full Yes
Escape from a Net Full Yes
Extinguish Flames Full No
Use Skill That Takes 1 Round Full Usually
Withdraw3 Full No
  1. If your aided action normally provotes the Attack of Opportunity, your aid does as well.
  2. You provoke an Attack of Opportunity if the object is being carried by someone.
  3. If you are limited to taking only a single action in a round, you may use this action as a standard action.

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